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January 14, 2011
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There was a girl named dani who worked as a nurse at the hospital. she was a really sweet nurse and worked hard to make sure her patients were happy. unfortunately she had a boyfriend named jason who was a real jerk. he was a really hot lookin guy that all the girls wanted and he would flirt with them all the time even if he was on a date with dani. he was also always late and he was rude to her friends and only wanted to do the things he wanted like go to sports game or drink beer with his friends. whenever she tried to break up with him he would just laugh and say she was lucky to have a hot and rich guy like him. she hated not being taken seriously.

one day they were supposed to have lunch together, but he was late, and then when she had been sitting and waiting for almost a hour he texted her and said that he had decided to go play video games with the guys. argh! it wasnt the first time he did it and she got so pissed off! She wanted to cry because she was so mad.

a nice old lady walked by her table and put down a business card. before dani could say thank you or ask a question the lady was gone. so she looked at the card. it said 'having problems with a boyfriend? we fix all problems!' and under it was a phone number and on the side there was a picture of a fairy godmother with a heart wand.

okay that was weird but she figured why not and put it in her purse. later she got home. then jason the jerk called when she was starting to make dinner for herself. he said that he would come by for dinner and that he expected her to cook him his favorite food and he would have a surprise for her.

dani was not sure what she should do. but she said okay and then hung up and made meatloaf, his favorite, just the way he liked it. he was picky so she had to make sure all the ingredients were right and it took a lot of work since she had to make mashed potatoes and other stuff. but he was late again because he was at the bar with his friends and was a bit drunk. still at least he showed up so she gave him the food she made to eat.

now when jason was drunk he could become even more of a jerk and make awful jokes so when he ate her food he was joking about it and saying how awful it was. he was hungry so he was snarfing it down but he kept making stupid comments and stuff and not even saying please or thank you or anything. he was such a jerk! he would laugh and say dog food tasted better or some shit.

but then he told her he had the surprise. Dani hoped it was something pretty because he had a good job and it would help to make up for him being a jerk. he told her she could move in with him. he had a really nice house so she thought wow.
'i'm tired of coming to this shitty little apartment and it'll be nice having you over any time i need you. you can use my kitchen and everything else'
'wow' said dani 'that sounds really awesome!' Jason had a lot of nice things like a plasma tv and a hot tub and whatever.
'sure and you can have the apartment above the garage its all yours' he said. dani got a little confused. didnt he want her in the house with him?
'i thought that was for the maid'
'oh yeah about that i figure you can live with me and have a some space for your own and clean the house for me. you wouldnt have to pay rent or anything, so its free and hey you'll be with me! but youll have to get rid of your cat'
this made dani really upset because she loved her cat and she didnt want to be someone elses maid. she felt angry but she did not let the jerk see it.
'sounds like a good idea but i will need some time to clean up and get ready to move'
'fine' jason said. he was going to keep her in the garage apartment so when he wanted to have other girls over dani would be all the way over there and she wouldnt hear him fucking other girls.
after jason left dani got even more pissed off. why did she put up with his crap for so long? she remembered the business card and pulled it out of her purse and called the humber.
a sweet old lady picked up the phone and said hello to her in a very friendly voice.
'i have a problem with my boyfriend, and someone gave me your business card...'
'oh but of course, we offer our services to people who need them. why dont you tell me the problem'
'my boyfriend is a jerk and he acts like a little boy and doesnt care about other peoples feelings. he is so immature!'
'well, sometimes some adults act like that and still expect to be treated like grownups when they don't deserve it. dont worry sweetheart i know just the solution! you will find a package in the morning'
'how do you know my address'
'like i said we offer services to the people who need them and we make sure we can help them!'
'how much does it cost'
'it's free of charge, we do this service for the greater good'
dani said thank you and hung up. she thought it was weird but it couldnt hurt right? so she went to bed and then in the morning there was a package like the lady on the phone said. it was a medium size package with a envelope taped on top. she opened the envelope and there was a letter and a pill. the letter said to put the pill in a drink and give it to her boyfriend and let him sleep overnight. then the next day she would know what the package was for.

he invited her over to dinner but he was too lazy to make it himself so she had to make it for him while he watched football with some of his guy friends. she had to make dinner for ALL of them!!! she was so mad but then she remembered the pill and put it in his soda before she gave it to him and he drunk it all. the boys were being really loud and annoying and she couldnt stand being in the same room with them but they all kept asking for more food. so she barely got the chance to eat anything. then after they left she had to clean up the mess! yucky!

jason didnt say thank you to her or anything but he expected her to have sex with him. he had a big penis, so she said okay and let him have sex with her though it took forever to convince him to put on a condom because he was such a jerk. finally he fell asleep and he snored so loudly that she couldnt sleep so she slept in the living room.

in the morning she heard loud screaming and ran upstairs. her boyfriend was wearing nothing but a diaper! on his feet he had round booties that made it impossible for him to walk, he kept falling because the soles were not flat and his hands were covered in the same stuff as the booties and were round so he couldnt use his hands at all or grab anything. he was trying to take off his diaper but because he couldnt use his hands he was stuck!
okay so this is the first part of my diaper story! i will write more soon, but i thought id share the first part and see what you think! suggestions are welcome (giggle)
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coolbabydog Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014
its a good story so far please keep writing
Restless-Lurking-C Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Incredible! Very funny story.

Two major pieces of advice:

1: Jason is mostly one-dimensional so far, in future chapters, see what he does outside of being purely selfish.

2: Capitalization makes a story look much better and easier to read.
The two most important rules of capitalization are to capitalize the first letter of the first word in every sentence (to make sentences easier to differentiate) and to capitalize the first letter of every person's name.
dappydiaper Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2011
oh ok thanks for the advice sometimes its hard for me to remember caps but i will try!

and thanks. this is my first story so im kinda new to this... ill try to make jason more real.
Restless-Lurking-C Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
ni-awtu Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2011
That was so sad that her bf was mean to her but he at least he did have a big penis!! It was so cute at the end of thw chapter where he got turned into a wearing a diaper, I loevd it!
dappydiaper Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2011
Wildear18 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2011
i love, i would like to know if you are taking request, but i'm willing to wait until you finish your story, great job by the way
dappydiaper Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2011
well im open to ideas so im willing 2 listen.
Wildear18 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2011
ah, well i wanted something like you're current story you're working on, but only with my two OC's if you need any informathion on them, i'd be more then happy to send you their story :nod:.
dappydiaper Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2011
well this is my first story so im not really comfortable with the idea of using someone else's characters, maybe you should write your story yuourself.
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