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Jason had been ready to get out of bed and take his morning piss before getting ready for work. He had had sex the night before, so he was feeling good. As he rolled over, he noticed that his hands and feet felt weird too. And there was some kind of crinkling sound that he wasn't familiar with. What the hell was going on?

He lifted his hands and stared at them with shock for a few moments. They looked almost like boxing gloves but without any thumbs, and the insides were padded so he couldn't move his fingers or anything, and the color was a light blue like one would see in a baby boy's room.

Had his friends played a joke on him? He pushed down the blanket and screamed when he saw that he had a diaper on! He tried to take it off but his hands were useless. He rolled to the edge of the bed and started to stand up, but he fell and stared at the things covering his feet. They looked like booties and made of the same stuff as his... what the fuck they were, mittens? The soles were round so it was impossible for him to actually be able to stand up.

He started screaming again. His friends did some stupid things when they all got drunk but this wasn't funny! Dani burst into the room and stared at him, her jaw dropping open.

He was really embarrassed that she saw him like this, and wondered if she was the one to do it to him. Ugh, that stupid bitch!
'What the...' She just stared at him.
'Get this off me! Why did you do this to me?'
'I didn't!' She rushed over to him and looked at his mittens. 'These look like they have to be cut off.' She ran downstairs to get some scissors to cut them off. But the mittens had a really thick rubber covering and she couldn't cut them! She tried a knife, but that didn't work. Jason was really freaking out. How was he supposed to go to work?
'I have a nurse's kit at my apartment with scalpels and stuff. I can go get it.'
'And leave me here?' Jason whined.
'Do you want to leave the house like that?'
'No!' Well, at least Dani didn't live too far away. So she left him on the bed and promised she would be back as soon as possible.


Dani went to her apartment, remembering the mysterious package. She hadn't opened it yet, and after what happened with Jason, she was really curious about what was in it.

She sat down on her couch and opened it. It actually wasn't a very big package, one that looked like it would hold several books and that's it. There were several things in the box but on top was a little book, with the same symbol on it as the business card the old lady gave her. So she decided to open it and see what it said.

TO her surprise, the first page said 'How to take care of your new baby' It was so funny that it actually made her laugh out loud! She sat back and her cat curled up in her lap and she petted it as she read the manual, not caring to get back to Jason too quickly. The instructions were simple and very clear, with different sections for things like eating, bathing, discipline... She laughed again at several parts. Oh boy, Jason was going to be so mad! But he couldn't do anything dressed like a baby, could he? He couldn't walk or grab things!

Today was her day off, so she decided she would spend it studying the manual and having fun with her boyfriend. She looked down at her cat. Jason hated cats, but she didnt want to leave Muffin home all day, so she packed up her car with her nurse's kit - she always had some medical supplies at home in case of a emergency because a good nurse is always prepared - the package with the manual and the various things (one of them was a pacifier), her cat, and the things Muffin would need to be comfortable. With a big grin she drove back to Jason's house.


Jason was becoming really impatient. He had to go to the bathroom bad! He had crawled to his bathroom, but he got even more pissed off when he realized he couldn't take off his diaper! He tried rubbing his body against the wall to push the diaper down, he tried using his hands, he tried snagging the waist of his diaper into the corner of the counter, but nothing worked because the diaper was way too snug to slide off. He should have asked Dani to cut the diaper off him before she left! Where was that stupid bitch anyway, it had been over half a hour!

He wasn't used to waiting this long to take his leak. He had also woken up with a bit of a morning boner, and sometimes after going to the bathroom he would take a shower and play with himself. But the diaper was snug, keeping it all in one place and making him miserable.

The more he thought about how miserable he was the more he had to go pee. He tried to hold it in, REALLY tried, and his bladder hurt so much. He bit his lip as he tried to distract himself. But to his shock he could no longer hold it in, and he let out a frustrated scream when he pissed in his diaper, feeling the wet warmth fill the groin area.
he heard a door slam downstairs. He waited for her to come up the steps, but all he heard was her moving around a bit. Finally after a few minutes she came up the stairs. he crawled out of the bathroom and gave her an angry glare.
'You took so long! What's wrong with you!'
Dani just stared at him with a really calm expression before she put down her medical bag and a small cardboard box on the dresser.
'I'm trying to help you, and I won't have you talk to me that way! Would you rather me just leave you like this for someone else to find?'
'Whatever, just get it off me!'
'Fine, get on the bed.'
Jason crawled onto the bed - it was not easy - but he managed. He wiggled around, hating the soggy feeling of his diaper.
'Take this damn thing off me, I hate it!'
Dani just looked at him again. 'Aren't you going to say please?'
'Fine, you can just stay in your diaper. I'm going to get the phone and dial the number for your work so you can tell them you're sick.'
'Fuck you! I'm telling them and you'll be in big trouble!'
'Really? You're going to tell your boss you're stuck in a diaper?'
Jason's mouth dropped open. He quickly closed it. 'Just get it all off me!'
'You know what, that diaper suits you. You act like a spoiled baby anyway.'
'I'm not a baby! I'm a man! I have my own house and job and car and everything!'
'You work at your rich dad's company.' she reminded him. His father owned a company that made computers and shipped them, along with a few other computer-related things. Dani didn't think that his dad would approve of his son in diapers. Jason's dad was a strict man and the only reason Jason had a job there was because he did a decent job. She walked out of the room and came back with the cordless phone and dialed the work number.
'Just tell them you're sick or want to take vacation. Hmmm, you won't take a nice vacation with me so maybe you'll spend it here in diapers!' She grinned at him. He shook with fear as she held the phone to his face. he made a quick excuse of being sick.
'Good boy.' She patted his head like he was a baby.
'I'm hungry! And my diaper's wet!'
'And?' Dani put her hands on her hips.
'And what?' Jason was getting really pissed off.
'You have been nothing but rude to me when I was trying to help you! You always treat me like shit! You show up late or make fun of me or demand things of me without saying please or thank you!' She narrowed her eyes. 'If you want to be treated like a big boy, you better act like one!'
'You wouldn't have sex with a baby, would you?' Jason stuck out his tongue. Dani just laughed at him.
'I can see this is going to be a long day... Good thing I don't have to work today!' She came closer to look at him. She could tell his diaper was wet. As a nurse, she sometimes changed the diapers of the babies, or once in a while she had a old or disabled patient. She was always patient with them because she knew they were embarrassed to be in diapers, so she was a kind nurse to them and made them feel at ease and she would change their diapers quickly and make them feel better.
But she didn't care if Jason was embarrassed or uncomfortable. It served him right.
'If you're a good boy, I might change your diaper soon. If not, you'll have to sit in it. And go poop in it.'
Jason let out a gasp of fear.
a bit longer and better than the first, and i typed this one up on my computer so i was able to do some grammar check and put in the caps. i hope you enjoy! i welcome ideas for part 3!
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juniorm2099 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
would love to see dani humiliated jason by putting a baby bonet on him lol
stephanie-babe Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
for part 3 if you not already made it but not posted it yet i think dani when she opens the box inside it is a baby dress all in pink ruffle and  that would be great for jason to embaress him with, :D
stephanie-babe Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
hey i thought u were going to make a 3rd part to this story if u did i can't find it anywhere on this site or on google :(
Wildear18 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011
i'm really enjoying this *makes some popcorn and waits for part 3*. Good job here :nod:
pleaseplzplzplz Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011
dappydiaper Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2011
thanks! :D
Restless-Lurking-C Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Question: what do Jason and Dani look like? Like what are their basic facial features, hair and noses?
dappydiaper Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2011
hmm, why didnt I think of that? i'll add that in to the next part, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
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